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March 10, 2018

How Dispensaries and Medical Marijuana work

Medical Marijuana how do dispensaries work
The use of medical marijuana continues to be very controversial. There are medical studies that show this drug can help to reduce pain associated with various types of health concerns. There are also stringent guidelines in place for those that get approved as well as dispensaries.
Medical marijuana is being approved in more states than ever before. Right now it is legal in California, Colorado, Arizona, and a few others. It is believed that before long it will be approved in all 50 states. This doesn’t mean that someone with a medical need can just buy marijuana off the street though.
There are many controls in place for medical marijuana. First, doctors can’t prescribe it for any patient. They can refer them to a dispensary though. There is a great deal of paperwork and documentation that has to be completed before someone can obtain it. They must pay for their medical approval card application, and not everyone will be able to get one.

Most states that approve medical marijuana have a lottery for approval of dispensaries. They will take submitted applications and look through them. Those that have all of the elements will be placed into the lottery. Those that don’t won’t be allowed to be offered a chance to get one.

There are guidelines in place for the quality of the marijuana that will be dispensed. There are only approved growers that have to be approved by the state and you can get marijuana from those states. There has to be a plan of action in place for marijuana transporting. This includes the routes taken, pick up times, and more.

Inventory is very important. The amount that can be on hand in the dispensary varies by state. So does the amount of it that can be sold to approved buyers at one time.

Patient care and counseling have to be offered to all locations. This includes explaining the responsibilities of the use of marijuana. It can’t be used by or sold to anyone that isn’t approved for it. The patients have to get information on the negative effects of marijuana as well.

The dispensary must have controls in place that are very stringent. They have to offer information to regulatory agencies. An audit of your dispensary can occur at any time. There are safeguards in place too such as bars on the windows, security cameras in the facility, security in the parking lot, and doors that allow consumers to get into only certain areas of the facility.

It is a very complex issue right now regarding medical marijuana. There are plenty of policies and procedures that those wishing to operate a dispensary have to follow. There are also guidelines that affect patients as well as their caregivers. There is the potential for medical marijuana to grow, but right now it is still in the early stages. There is going to be plenty of trial and error that have to affect the different laws and regulations that will be introduced down the road.

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